Veinard Gelingen

Veinard Gelingen Ltd. is a professional service provider company with highly qualified specialists in many areas of international investments. Our main service is to provide clients with personal care and beneficial solutions in regards to investments, real estate and maintenance of their business endeavours over all. Drawing together many years of practical experience ensures timely solutions and the highest standards of service. In our work we follow old and proven principals, establishing the framework for the recognition and success of mutual respect. Our priority is our client’s satisfaction. Every day we help our clients to reach and enhance the real results with innovative and creative solutions. We are not just about making profits, but how to serve our clients – both large and small are equally important to us. This web-site gives you an indication of the services we provide and the personal care you will get with us. We invite you contact us should you be interested to receive more information.

RSS Cyprus Property News

  • Cyprus court upholds trapped buyers law 21st September 2017
    The Limassol District Court has upheld the 'trapped buyers' law overturning previous district court rulings in favour of banks that blocked Title... [full story]
    Angelos Anastasiou
  • Planning & building permit overhaul 20th September 2017
    The time consuming and frustrating bureaucracy involved in obtaining building & planning permits in Cyprus may be overhauled provided the... [full story]
    Nigel Howarth